MAC’s designs focus on offering customers the best performing products available on the market. Some of the key features MAC’s products offer are:

◘ reliability

◘ speed

◘ repeat ability

◘ non lube service

◘ ease of maintenance

◘ compact packaging

◘ modularity

◘ specific application modifications

◘ low wattage

MAC air valves are available in a wide range of flow and package configurations. Single inline or manifold assemblies with optional fieldbus interfaces. MAC valves are designed for high reliability and high performance requirements.





MAC‘s direct acting valve model can handle vacuum pressures to 120 psi and can be operated as a normally open, normally closed, two or three way, selector or diverted allowing the valve to be used in a variety of applications and reducing the need to stock multiple valves. The Balanced design produces precise repeatability regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations – giving consistent machine performance regardless of plant environment.


Featured Products

Bullet Valves

The new MAC Bullet Valve® represents yet another evolution to air valve technology from MAC Valves, Inc.

This innovative design is unprecedented in the market in its ability to provide speed, repeatability, long life and high flow in a unique cartridge package.

This OEM integrated cartridge design includes these MAC trademark features:

◘ Balanced poppet

◘ Energy-saving circuitry

◘ High shifting force

◘ Low wattage

◘ Competitive price

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Small 3-Way Valves

High flow direct solenoid operated 3-way poppet valve.  It features a short stroke solenoid with oval armature, a balanced poppet and powerful return spring.  These features translate into high shifting forces, fast consistent response times, high flow in a small package and long life.

100 Series | 31 Series | 35 Series | 1100 Series | 36 Series | 37 Series | 200 series

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Large 3-Way Valves

A 3-way balanced spool valve piloted by a small direct operated balanced poppet valve.  This is an extremely versatile valve. They can be converted for use in vacuum and it can be changed from an Internal Pilot to an External Pilot function.

52 Series | 55 Series | 56 Series | 57 Series | 58 Series | 69 Series

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Small 4-Way Valves

The MAC 4-way valves come in direct solenoid as well as solenoid pilot operated for compact size, fast response and high flows.  In-line and manifold mount versions are available.

24 Series | 42 Series | 44 Series | 45 Series | 46 Series | 700 Series | 400 Series | 48 Series | 900 Series

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Large 4-Way Valves

MAC 4-way valves offer solenoid pilot operated, air pilot or manual operation.  Their balanced spool means the valve can be piped as a 4-way, 3-way, 2-way, normally closed or normally open or can be used for vacuum, diverter or selector applications.  Our one piece bonded seal spool means longer life and easy maintenance.

93 Series | 6500 Series | 82 Series | 1800 Series |6300 Series

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Proportional Pressure Controls

The MAC Proportional Pressure Controller, (PPC) is an innovative product which converts an electrical signal into a proportional pneumatic output.

The key to the MAC PPCs are two MAC 34, 45, 400, 47, 92 or 93 Series valves that are used to control the  output pressure. The valves are operated by the PPCs closed loop electronic control circuit. Feedback is obtained from one or two transducers. The balanced poppet, fast response, and high flow of these two MAC Valves  provide outstanding performance characteristics for the PPC.

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